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    A Different Beat

    Brand Direction

    A Different Beat Kia brings a new beat to the global auto industry through its ever-vibrant growth.
    Like a beat of music that touches your heart, Kia strives to make your life richer every day.

    Brand Slogan

    Kia will show you the power to surprise with dynamic and exciting experiences that go beyond your expectations.
    The Power to Surprise

    Brand Values

    Best Global Brand KIA Motors has seen a steady increase in its brand value since its entry into the top 100 global brands list in 2012. As a result, the value of brand this year marked US$ 6.9 billion, up by 4% from the previous year. This allowed the company to enter the top 71 list of the global brands, which is a tremendous attainment.
    Starting from 2005, the company has been engaged in enhancing the brand power and improvement of the company reputation through the brand slogan of “The Power to Surprise,” with continued efforts for innovation in product development, communication, sales, services, and other customer-related activities.
    Brand Values Graph